Open Studio Projects

Cultivating Creativity in Your Community

MISSION: To foster creativity in communities and utilize art as a tool for social change

WHAT WE DO: Reconnect  individuals and communities with their (latent) creativity

  • Engage the community in creative initiatives that utilize art and creativity as a tool for social change, community engagement and community empowerment. 
  • Promote creative culture change.
  • Facilitate responsive creative projects that address the communities needs and concerns.
  • Explore an inclusive, comprehensive and immersive creative process that culminates in the installation, performance and exhibition of collaborative community artwork.
  • Bridge communities through inclusive creative experiences that cultivate relationships.
  • Foster meaningful dialog through relevant creative collaborations.

WHY WE DO IT: Art transforms communities

Creativity defines us as a species. This inherently human attribute enables us to communicate fluently across the barriers that divide us. 
Art’s based initiatives help foster meaningful dialog that build healthy relationships. Fully realized art works enhance a community and contributes to it’s rich history and culture. Open Studio Projects helps facilitate a larger conversation that empowers a community and transcends the creative act by providing a foundation for self exploration, self-efficacy and advocacy.
We reconnect the public to public art by delivering a hands on experience that helps articulate the concept that art is a universal and common language. It’s not necessary to compromise the integrity of the creative experience in order to accommodate diverse groups with unique or even opposing points of view. This realization serves to impress upon the community that there is a need, desire and capacity to explore creative pathways and share in the positive aspects of progress. 

  • Provide creative oversight and artistic direction for your community.
  • Link communities in creative conversations.
  • Provide a peer-group creative environment free from hierarchy.
  • Manage and optimize creative initiatives within your community.
  • Support and enhance community lead initiatives and establish a structure for creative interventions within your community.
  • Provide your community with a sustainable creative model.

HOW WE DO IT: A creative sandbox for communities

  • Flexible & accessible creative environment ensures multiple projects and concepts can work in concert with one another, building towards a unified vision & a cohesive whole.
  • Build success into the project from inception.
  • Anticipate and plan for resistance & pitfalls.
  • Ensures creative resources are maximized.
  • Artistic cohesiveness, curation and quality control without compromising creative independence or freedom of expression.
  • A safe and nurturing environment, peer based, community centred, non-hierarchical, collaborative, inclusive, accessible.

We want to avoid potential pitfalls that can unintentionally harm the community and undermine the creative process. It is crucial to develop a cohesive strategy that includes forming a global vision that addresses the stakeholders intensions. This creative vision will help identify a framework and establish guidelines that can be referred to throughout the evolution of the creative process. 
This ensures that creative initiatives remain on track and encourages a unified vision that is responsive and flexible to the communities needs. It acknowledges the inherent state of flux of the arts in community, and allows it to evolve and grow in a natural and organic manner.

  • Identify and engage all stakeholders in the creative conversation.
  • Provide a unified creative vision. 
  • Develop a cohesive and inclusive creative strategy that is flexible and responsive to the community. 
  • Provide a comprehensive community based creative experience that meets the multiple goals and objectives of the stakeholders.
  • Incorporate local artists and organizations into the creative strategy as collaborators, creative catalysts and facilitators. Communities are rich with local talent and this resource should be appreciated.
  • Activate community through a multi-pronged approach of art interventions, performances, information exchanges, workshops, and exhibitions.



For at risk, transient and homeless youth

For the mental health and addictions community

For newcomers, immigrants and refugees   

For marginalized communities and communities in transition

Community & recreation associations

Business & Corporate Community
Developers & Community Builders
Architects, Designers & Landscape Architects
Small Business & Business Improvement District's
Municipal, State/Provincial & Federal Government

Corporations, Organizations and NGO's

​Healthcare: Acute Care, Longterm Care & Rehabilitation
For older adults living with Alzheimer’s and dementia
For individuals dealing with mental health and addictions issues
For individuals living with physically disabilities and chronic conditions 
And the communities and professionals dedicated to enhancing quality of life


Schools K-12

Special needs

Universities and Post- Secondary institutions

Integrating the arts into existing curriculum and curriculum development