accessible & inclusive creative environments 

Jeff Nachtigall is an established artist whose work has been exhibited in North America, Europe and China. He is also a facilitator, speaker and social entrepreneur who has led dozens of residences and workshops, lectured in communities across Canada and the United States, and given keynote addresses at national conferences on the arts and aging. 

Through working as a full-time artist-in-residence at an assisted living facility for eight years, he developed Open Studio Projects, a model that he has successfully replicated throughout Canada and the United States. This inclusive, non-hierarchical, community -centred strategy challenges traditional clinical approaches and pushes the boundaries of the arts in health care. This model has evolved and grown into a community-based practice, engaging marginalized groups across North America in art interventions that act as a catalyst for social change.

Twice nominated for a Lieutenant Governor’s Award in Arts and Learning, Jeff consults with communities and organizations across Canada, Australia and the United States.

The creative journey can be intimidating, and it is the beginning of this journey that can seem the most daunting. Art needs to be demystified and made accessible to everyone. 

For more than two decades I have worked closely with communities, facilitating arts-based initiatives that utilize creativity as a vehicle for enabling a sense of agency and initiating social change. I have developed a clear and specific methodology that has become the foundation for a philosophy that places creativity at the core of the human spirit. I believe that we are inherently creative beings and that art is our first language. Through art we are able to communicate in a manner that transcends the limitations and obstacles that surround us.